July 21, 2010

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July 19, 2010

Get photos.

I'm a huge proponent of having professional family photos taken as often as you can.  There is something to beautiful about the way a photo can capture life at any given moment.  With my boys growing as quickly as they are, I want to capture as many of those moments as we can.  My house is full of photos and I'm adding even more this summer...

My beautiful friend, Rachel and her doctor husband and their adorable son, Brighton are coming to spend a month in Eau Claire (mid-August - mid-Sept).  Rachel has a unique photography style unlike anything I have seen.  Her photos are always amazing.  I have already booked her for a session while she's here, but she is offering free sessions through a giveaway via her blog.  Click here for the direct link!

I hope you will sign up for her giveaway and give her some advice about the Chippewa Valley (they may be moving here next year - let's hope!).