February 19, 2010

(Un)Crafty - Stainless Steel Magnetic Board

Yep...I would consider myself "uncrafty".  But, I love a good repurposing project, do-it-yourself remake, or something easy (especially when the outcome is impressive!).  This project falls into that category.  BUT, my mom made this for me and she actually IS crafty.  She can do lots of cool stuff; she's talented (and she's tried to help me/teach me on many occasions).  It just happens that is project is easy enough for even ME to do!

The frame is a photo frame from Michael's.  You can always find a -40% or even -50% off coupon online for Michaels for a regular priced item.  Often, photo frames there are already -40% off.  I think this frame ended up costing about $12.  The sheet metal is a pre-cut piece that happens to fit beautifully in this frame.  My mom lives in the great state of Minnesota, so she found her sheet metal at Lowe's or Home Depot, but the word on the street is that Menard's also has these pre-cut pieces of metal.  I think the metal runs about $4 for a piece this size.  My crafty mom said she is covering some buttons with fabric and attaching magnets to use - how cute!  Of course, any magnets will work.

1. Buy frame on sale at Michael's
2. Buy sheet metal cut to size
3. Take glass out of frame, replace with metal
4. Hang for immediate use and adorn with magnets!

I really love this because it allows for easy switching of current photos of my kiddos, easy pin-up of cards, announcements, and other fun mail.  Find a fun place to hang this and enjoy!

Looks good, right?  Thanks, Mom!

February 15, 2010

Be My Valentine

I'm not one for baking (or cooking, for that matter), but I had fun making these cute and easy cupcakes for a Valentine's treat.  I used a rich chocolatey cake mix, store bought frosting, and Peeps.  They were a hit!