October 26, 2011

The Bump

Along with everything else that has been happening...moving etc, we are also awaiting our third baby - due in March!  My blog has taken a serious hit this summer and fall as the fatigue and morning sickness set in.  Not to mention, chasing my two little guys (who seem more like men than boys these days), packing a house, and now trying to unpack a house.  This baby has been a trooper and now, at 20+ weeks, I can feel the baby wiggling at all hours of the day.  With so much change this year: new job (for Hubby), new house, new baby...this is a new beginning for us.  We are excited for the journey of our family becoming FIVE.
Photo credit: Brisham Photography

(for more of the family photo session, view Brisham Photography Blog)

October 23, 2011

We moved!

Life has been so crazy that the blog has taken a back seat, to say the least.  We moved into "the yellow house", as my boys like to call it on October 7th and have been unpacking ever since.  Moving is no small feat, my friends!  Luckily, we had so many friends who graciously helped, brought meals, and took care of our kids while the chaos ensued!  Soon we'll be back to land of the living...until then...