September 25, 2009

My New(born) Favorites

I love love love baby items - especially if they are extra special and unique. I have so many favorites...I promise to share often! Don't forget to comment and share your own favorites too. Here are some of my current favorites for little babies:

Sophie Giraffe: This totally adorable and nostaligic teether is made of 100% safe materials. As a mother of an infant, I love this cute little chewy. More info at

Little Giraffe: This company has created the most luxurious little baby blankets. In my opinion, its a "must have" for your newborn. Use it for your newborn photos - you won't be disappointed! More at

Hanna Andersson: These organic cotton sleepers are silky soft and footless (great for big, long, growing babies like mine!). I can't get enough! More at

September 18, 2009

An "I Can Do It" Day

Today was an "I Can Do It" day. I'm not sure I've had many days like this, or if they've just gone without notice. As I woke up to my husband playing with our two-year-old and began nursing my three-month-old, I was overwhelmed with the many "To-Dos"of the day ahead.

However, as the day progressed, I found myself able to take on even more than was necessary, thriving with each new task I accomplished. Among the tasks I can recall: attending music class, buying paper products for a party this weekend, organizing the pantry, playing at the park, fighting for naps, four loads of laundry, three meals made, two baths given, and one phone call to a friend. Granted, not all of these should be considered lowly "tasks". Music class with my boys, a playdate at the park, and actually finding time to phone a friend at the end of the day are all wonderful accents to an ordinary day. Nonetheless, each "task" accomplished is a victory - every mom knows this!

Today was such a great day that I have decided to use today as my inspiration for all days to come! "Can I do it?....YES, I can!" A positive attitude to an overwhelming week, day, afternoon, or hour can surely help to get me through with a smile on my face and an extra hug for my beautiful boys!