November 24, 2009


We are so thankful for so many things this year. Each year brings new blessings, new trials and new struggles. Admidst it all, we seem to have more and more things each year that we are so grateful for. This year, I made a Thankful Jar with some friends to have on our mantle. We were able to add cards with what we are thankful for - and our 2 year old could participate, which was a great lesson. And, hey, being thankful for the neighbors' dog is a pretty good start!

November 18, 2009

Bathtime Buddies

As you will quickly learn, I am a sucker for all things cute. The result makes me a total consumer - always on the look-out for the cutest addition to any activity, routine, or room in my house. I'm also a sucker for anything that will make the daily routine a little quicker, easier, and more fun for my kids! Bathtime is a superfun time at our house and I'm convinced its party due to our friends: Frog, Moby, and Shark (among many others).

The Boon Frog Pod is awesome! We registered for this gift on our baby registry at Target before the birth of our first son and its been a great item to have in the baby bathroom! The frog is equipped with little shelf that will hold your baby shampoos (Burt's Bees Baby is our favorite!), and a quick-drain removable scoops that allows your baby's bath toys to dry without any work from you! The kids love visiting the frog at bathtime...beautiful! You can see the Frog Pod and other cool Boon products at:

We also really love "Moby". Made by SkipHop, Moby is a bath spout cover for your bath that ensures your little ones won't bonk their head in the bath. This is the cutest, most versatile spout cover I could find - and so clever! At bathtime, the kids are excited to see Moby start up...he's our bathtime buddy. Easy to fit any bath spout and easy to remove for cleaning, this is a hit! Check it out:

That brings me to our new favorite bath towels! The Pottery Barn Kids Bath Wraps are totally awesome and fun! These supersoft, thick bath wraps are superior quality and come in so many fun critters - you just can't resist! This would make a great holiday gift (on sale right now!). My favorite is the actually has a cute fin on the back - ADORABLE! You know the website, but I'll spell it out for you anyway: