January 24, 2012

New Baby Must Haves

I'm in major nesting mode as we wait for baby girl to arrive in about 6 weeks.  Just saying that makes my heart rate jump!  We are soooo not prepared.  We are ready, excited, and thrilled to have this baby coming so soon, but as far as being really prepared...that's another story.

Someone asked me last week if I'm just buying diapers and getting small things ready...

NO!  We still have baby's whole room to re-do and lots of big projects.  This time around, hubby is nesting right along with me.  We are tackling projects each day, trying to get this house in order before we add another human to the family!

A lot of the reason for the chaos and rush is because of our move this fall and how much time it has taken to get the house cleaned up and in order from the previous owner.  We didn't expect to feel so unsettled for so long...well, time is up!  This push to get ready for baby is a great push for us to get the house in a state we are pleased with - at least for now.

We had a garage sale last spring and got rid of some baby stuff that was too bulky or we didn't think we would lose.  Some of it wasn't very functional anymore so we got rid of that too.  Most of what we sold won't be replaced (the high chair: you don't really need a bulky high chair - a Bumbo works for a while and then a portable booster is great!).

There are a few things I am feeling the need to purchase, though.  I bought a cute DwellStudio for Target bouncer from Craigslist since ours broke down after baby #2.  I knew this was something that would be handy for setting the baby in while I am busy with the boys or with housework.  Check.

Aden + Anais Swaddle Wraps
 These swaddle wraps are just so soft and so pretty.  Ok, they might not be a "must have", but after having two boys, I don't have anything girly, so besides a new wardrobe for the bambina, a few girly accessories will be nice, too!

Moby Wrap

The Moby Wrap didn't get too popular around here until after my second boy way born, but now all my friends swear by it.  We still have the BabyBjorn, which we have used like crazy, but this seems like a great way to wear baby girl around the house, at the library, at playgroup, etc.
Puj Tub
I mean, really, how adorable are these Puj Tubs?!  In our old house, I didn't have a great sink for one of these small, space saving tubs, but in this new house every sink would work great.  I never had a separate baby tub because of the bulkiness of it.  I love the portability of this little tub so I can bathe the baby wherever we are in the house.
Fisher Price Rock n' Play
These new little bassinets have ratings off the charts from consumers.  Everyone seems to love them for babies to sleep in at night by the bedside or for naps during the day.  We got rid of our pack n play because one of the sides no longer latched.  Major safety issue.  So, I am thinking one of these super portable little bassinets would be great to let the baby sleep in our room for a while.

What other new baby must haves am I missing?  Of course, we're not interested in breaking the bank because this might be the final addition to our family...  But I'd love to hear your favorite baby product feedback!

January 6, 2012

I've got a feeling...

about 2012.

I've got a feeling that 2012 is going to be a great year.  The year we've been waiting for.

I think we were happy to put 2011 and all the roller coaster of events behind us.  A new year gives us the chance to start clean, start fresh, start over.  We started over fresh with a new life last March-April, but putting those numbers: 2-0-1-1 behind us feels good.

I've felt this way before...

I felt this way when I turned 30.  That year ended up being the toughest year yet.  But it wasn't all bad because it brought us to this place where we are now.  A good place.  A healthy place.  A place where we are supported and loved for who we are.  That terrible year made the rest of our life better.

So I'm thinking 2012 is going to be great.  We have a new ministry, a new life, new jobs, a new house, a new little baby girl who will join our family in just 8 short weeks.  But I'm prepared for this "great year" ahead to make us better again, to improve our character, to deepen our relationships, to grow us in ways that might not be easy.  But, I can still see that as great.  And, for that, I am thankful.

Happy 2012 to all you mamas and your loves.  I hope its a great year for you, too!