May 23, 2013

washing my windows with Norwex.

a year ago i got my first Norwex cloths.  i had heard lots about them prior to owning them and now as a Norwex user, i am obsessed!  they do a great job cleaning and minimizing the amount of paper towels i use.  you can clean with only water - eliminating the need to purchase antibac sprays from the store.  i use mostly all natural cleaners {lots of vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice}, but i appreciate that these cloths really do the work {and kill the germs!} with only water.

{my Norwex collection: two Enviro cloths, a Polish cloth, and a dusting mitt}

one of the tasks i hate the most is washing windows.  seriously - i am NOT good at washing windows. we've been homeowners for about 9 years {three houses} but i've never found a great way to wash my windows.  i always felt like it took so much time and so much work, leaving me with a mediocre result.  
enter Norwex.

at the Norwex party i went to, people raved about using their Norwex products for washing windows.  i didn't try it until this spring.  in fact, i just finished washing all 25 windows in our house with the Enviro and Polish cloths.  it was an amazing experience with stellar results!  i washed the windows in a few sessions - half hour here, half hour there.  i think my total time spent washing 25 windows was probably 1.5 hours.  inside and out.  with only water.  it was awesome.
and my windows are so so so clean.  no streaks, no residue.

{step 1}
wet your Enviro cloth with water and wring it out.  then wipe down your surface.  wipe away whatever needs to be scrubbed off your window.

{step 2}
use your Polish cloth to go over and dry your surface.  the Polish cloth wipes through any grime on your windows - its really amazing!  all the water spots and scum come off with ease in this step.

we have double hung windows throughout our house {only a couple years old, thanks to the previous owner of this home!} so i was able to do inside and outside of each window all at once.  each window probably only took 5 minutes or less.  when my cloths seemed to be dirty, after a few windows, i washed them in a delicates bag in my washer.  it took a couple washes, so that is why my window washing was in a few sessions.
{wet Enviro cloth}

{Polish cloth}...repeat.

{step 3}
step back and admire your new sparkling, shiny, steak free, clean windows!

i also use Norwex to clean my kitchen counters and bathroom counters and mirrors.  they are my go-to cleaning cloth.  wash once weekly in a delicates bag with your regular wash.

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