April 9, 2013

how i cured my baby's cradle cap.

news flash: i'm not a doctor.  so, this post is my opinion and my own experience, nothing more.  but maybe if it worked for us, it could work for you, too.

my two youngest have had cradle cap.  it showed up at just a few weeks old for both of them and was most noticeable right after a bath or the day after a bath when their skin was very flaky. with the benny, i used baby oil and tried to kick it that way.  it improved, but seemed to persist.  i'm sure its different for each child.

with my baby, i used California Baby "tea tree & lavender" Shampoo and Bodywash.  i bought it at Target.  i had heard that tea tree oil was supposed to help with cradle cap, so i thought we could give it a try.

first, i used a little olive oil while she soaked in her puj tub in the kitchen sink.  i held the oil in my hands for a minute to warm it up.  then i rubbed it onto her scalp and let it sit while i scrubbed her up a little and we played with ducky.  then i took our little scrub brush and really went after her scalp, gently giving it a good exfoliation.  you could also just gently scrub with your fingers.  the brush is the one the hospital gave us, its super soft but still good for gentle scrubbing.  then i applied a dime's worth of the California Baby shampoo (smells so good!) and scrubbed again.  the soap got super bubbly and foamy and i let it sit a bit longer before carefully rinsing her head.

after a couple times of this process - her cradle cap was g.o.n.e.  i was super excited because benny's lingered so long.  and that was it {no more problems with cradle cap for this baby}!

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Mike and Sarah said...

Fun updates to the blog! Love the picture of Ms. E in this post too. Crazy the difference a year makes!