April 12, 2013

{un}crafty - easy kids art.

its not always easy to get the kids painting.  trust me {i know}.  as a stay at home mom, making the mess of painting with little kids can sometimes be the last thing you want to do.  but its ok to let go of that fear and help your kids create something they are proud of and had fun making.  it doesn't have to be a {huge} mess!

supplies you need:

garbage bags

acrylic paints {kids crayola paints work great}

paint brushes {or foam brushes, or old sponges}

paper plates

canvases {cardboard, paper - anything to else to frame}

i cut open a garbage bag so it lays flat to cover our table and pour paints onto a paper plate for each child.

then i let the kids use paint brushes and old sponges to make a masterpiece.  we used small canvases i had on hand, but any piece of cardstock or paper would work in a frame.

kids love to be creative and with the paper plates and garbage bag, my only clean up is washing out and paintbrushes or sponges i want to keep.  easy.

 this particular project was painting canvases to hang in baby sister's room.  she was about to arrive and the boys wanted to make something special for her brand new nursery.  its probably the most special part of her room!

let your kids create something for a new sibling, grandparents, or neighbors who are sure to love the special gift!

happy {un}crafting!

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