April 8, 2013

the story of this blog.

this blog started with a couple good intentions {to encourage moms: you don't have to be perfect; to be an outlet for me: creative; and to share some easy projects: un-crafty, if you will}.  it hasn't always stayed true to it purpose.  when we went through something hard, it felt like a place to share some of our trials and tears and joy.  this blog is about the everyday for a mom and i've sometimes maybe shared too much about my everyday.  i'm coming back to this blog after a long break and a lot of thought.  its going to be a place of encouragement, moving forward, fun, and joy - the way i try to live each day.  of course bit about life will be sprinkled in, too.

i have projects to share and you don't have to have skill to do them.  i have no skill.  just an urge to be crafty every-now-and-then.

i have three awesome kids so i'm sporadic at posting, crafting, {and showering}.  but, i will do my best to keep things updated.

who knows where life {or this silly blog} may take us...if there is one thing i've learned in the last couple years, its that God has us on a journey {and i'm happy to follow}.

my {super fun and silly} family.

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Amy said...

Welcome back! Excited to see your new projects!